To Know our services

Tips that you need to know from the beginning to the end of the project

To be able to give you accurate estimates, upon our appointment, our installer will come to your home and start the measurement of the floor The measurement will be send to our company’s manager. She will send you final estimate

On the first day of your job we will bring our equipments and start removing all the old floor clean the floor and level the floor if needed. Before we start your job, it’s your responsibility to clear and remove all the furnitures

we will start installing the floor you provide, laminate/vinyl plank.

Note: We do not provide any flooring materials

Tips: we prefer that you provide us waterproof, scratch free materials. 

On the last day of completion of your job, we will clean the new floor and take out all of our equipments from your home, and we will collect the last payment.

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